It's (Almost) Polar Express Time!

This pack was a huge hit last year! I've updated it with more clip art and cute frames and added a couple things. If you do a Polar Express unit, you should take a look! 


 Two Making Connection pages (with extra writing page)
Polar Express Summary Slide
Polar Settings (how the setting changes throughout the story)

 Rhyming Center
Syllable sort (pictures or just words)
Make a Word
Noun Sort

 Original poem with teaching ideas.
4 Sentence Scramblers

Various writing prompts:

YOu can get it at my Teacher's NOtebook store or my TPT store.

There is also a Kinder option available:

The main difference is that the Kinder option has letter sort instead of a noun sort, the lines are bigger to write, and short vowels are used instead of long vowels. If you buy one of the packs and think you should have bought the other, email me and I'll send it to you for free!

For a cute Polar Express sequencing craft freebie, you can click on the picture below:


  1. Sarah, what a WONDERFUL packet you have created! Beautiful job!!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

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