Reading Skills Snapshots

Happy Saturday! I know it's been a while, but I wanted to drop in real quick to share a little resource with you that you could use to communicate with parents.

This file is actually a template, so you can type in specific skills that you are working on with each reading group. You decide how often you send them (weekly, monthly, every other week.) Below I have some examples filled with skills that I have typed in (the actual file only has the headings for each category and then space for you to type in the skills.)

Here is an example for kindergarten: 

Here is an example for 1st Grade: 

Here is an example for 2nd Grade:

Type in the skills that you are focusing on for your reading groups. Then you can save them from year to year and just tweak them as needed. 

Update: I added in some new options with more phonics and morphology:

The key to these assessments is that they do not have to match to grade level. You could use the one on the left with kinder or first graders, depending on their skill level and how quickly they are picking up on readings skills. The one on the right could be used for first graders, but I have also used it for second graders because that's where they were at!  

Below is my original guided reading snapshot. This was one of my first things I ever posted on TPT. It's my featured freebie. The difference between this and the ones above is that this one is just a general snapshot. It doesn't list specific skills. You can use this one if you want to make the same copies for all the kids in your class without having to type in different skills as they change. I would print this two-sided. For the one on the right, I would circle the skills that were demonstrated under the Strengths category and circle the goals as well. 

You can find these two HERE.

You can find the EDITABLE ones HERE.

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