Easter Text Comparison

It has been waaaaay too long! I've been MIA in blogger land for the past few months. My time that I usually gave to blogging has been taken over with online classes. I'm loving my classes, but I miss blogging! I have a super quick blog post for you today though! I've been reading Easter books to my kids at night. This week, we read these two books. As I was reading the second book, we all couldn't' help but notice all the similarities between the two. So, I decided to share my thoughts with you all about how I would use these books to practice comparing and contrasting two texts. What I love about this is that you could compare story elements AND you could also compare the structure of the stories. 

Comparing Texts

Story Structure and Story Elements
In the first freebie, you can choose one of the following pages. They are all basically the same idea, but there are some subtle differences. (In the download, I gave ideas for how to fill these out.) They are all about comparing the stories' elements. The next one is all about comparing the stories' structure using a time line format.

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