Author's Style Jan Brett

Last year, I added this author's style menu to my Jan Brett unit. This unit already had several activities for many Jan Brett books, but I realized I needed to add something to tie it all together. After all, the point of an author study to help kids make those connections and see those similarities among different books. 

I sat down and thought about some common characteristics of many of Jan Brett's books. Here is what I came up with: 

1. Unique settings that affect the story: Jan Brett always has stories that are set in places she's been to or studied. The setting affects her character choice and the plot of her stories. This is especially evident in some of her retellings, like The Three Snow Bears and The Umbrella. 

2. Retellings of common folktales. You can compare Jan Brett's version to another version. There are SEVERAL pages to help scaffold this process and different formats to choose from. 

3. Additional information or story details in the borders: Jan Brett borders are one of my favorite characteristics of her books. I love how the borders tell their own story. She said on her website that she couldn't fit al that she wanted to illustrate into one picture per page so she used the borders. I've included activities that asks kids to look at these borders and tell what is happening to the borders and compare to what is happening in the main story. In some cases, they predict what will happen next (like in the Hat.) In other books, it shows what other characters are doing at the same time in another scene.

4. Animal characters: Jan Brett usually has animal characters. I included some activities for kids to look deeper at their actions and feelings. Another activity asks them to compare the animals in the story to the real life animal.

Another characteristics of Jan Brett books is great word choice. The menu has activities where students will be looking for good adjectives and verbs. 

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