Alphabet Activities for Winter

After a little holiday break, I'm back at it. I needed to get this done before returning to school next week. Breaks always fly by, don't they?! I'll be using these activities with my kindergarten small groups. I'm working with students who need more practice to master their letters and sounds. They loved the activities from the fall set, so I went ahead and made a winter set of alphabet activities

A few things to know about these activities:

1. They can be used as centers, but were created to be used as an intervention resource guided by the teacher with a small group or one-on-one. The feedback and guidance from a teacher assures that the students are getting much needed repetition and exposure with correct identification of letters and sounds. If you students are proficient with these skills, then these are perfect for centers! Even kids who know their letters need review and practice to gain automaticity with sound/symbol recognition  needed for fluent reading. 

2. There are several options for each activity. I split the letters into smaller groups. Each activity follows the same groupings of letters. For example, there is a board in the letter race with six letters and 3 other boards with different sets of six letters. These same combinations of letters are used for the Find it, Cover it boards. Why? With my students, I've found more success with grouping letters and teaching them in a sequential, systematic way. I teach letters in smaller sets, so I wanted to make sure this product followed that model. I'll be making all of my seasonal sets with the same groupings, so no matter where your students are at different points in the year, they will have a set ready for for them to use (for all 6 activities/games.) Note: Some activities have 2-3 letters as a review from the previous set as a review.

3. I also included an editable version so you could put in any letters you want for these activities (when it is applicable.)

There are three versions of the Find it, Cover it activity. One is with pictures, another with a spinner, and the third just with the board and a teacher. 

You can find this HERE:

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