Alphabet Activities for Halloween

I've been using these activities with my kinder groups, so decided to post them as a mini-pack. My goal is for students to gain automaticity with letter-sound correspondence. These activities are all used with a small group, but are great for literacy centers, partner activities and RTI. I made a Halloween version and a fall version. (The fall version is bigger since fall activities can be used longer than a Halloween set of activities.)

Halloween Version

This first activity can be done several time with your small group. After all letters are covered, give them a magnetic wand to "pick up" the letters one by one. They repeat the sounds as they pick up the circles for even more practice.

 Click HERE for a short video demonstrating how this works.

Fall Version

These are the same activities with a fall theme. It's funny how it all feels new for kids with some new clip art. The fall version has a couple more activities too.

You can find the Halloween activities HERE

You can find the fall activities HERE.