Printable RTI for all R-Controlled Vowels

Hi everyone! This year I've been loving these Print and Binds sets. It's so nice to have materials put together and ready to go. These are materials I've been creating and using for the past three years, but I hadn't found a way to put them together. They were all just random pages that I used when I need them. Now they are all bound using these three-pronged folders and plastic page protectors. I just grab and teach! I know I've said this before, but I want to make sure it's really clear: These are not meant to be worksheets to pass out to kids to use on their own. Sure, many of the pages can be used that way. That won't hurt. However, this pack was created to be used in small groups or one-on-one, guided by the teacher. Some of the pages absolutely can be used for seat work or homework, but overall, it's intended to be a guided activity. I just finished putting together and adding on to my bossy r materials. (Note: I do have another bossy r pack with more hands-on colored materials just for -ar words. )
This includes ir, ur, er, ar, and or. 

This is set up in separate sections. I wanted to provide some practice with  each bossy r combination and then have a section with all of them mixed together. Each section contains the same activities but with different words and pictures. This repetition is great for our struggling readers.