Close Reading Tip

Happy February! Welcome back to our monthly link-up.

Today I'm hear to share a quick idea to use during you guided reading groups. After the first read, I give each student a half laminating sheet to place over the book we are reading. When I want them to find evidence in the text to support an answer, I have them highlight using dry erase markers over those laminating sheets. That way, I can reuse the books. This strategy involves all group member- they all have to find something in the text that supports their thoughts. I can quickly see who is on the right track, or better understand their thoughts by asking why they chose to highlight something. 

I also use these if a student wants to chunk, or break up, a word. They might highlight suffixes or other familiar word parts. 

I hope you can use this simple idea to help make your guided reading groups more interactive without using all your sticky notes. :) 

Check out these other ideas using the links below!


  1. I love this!! Thanks! I'll be adding this in with some of my groups!
    Curious firsties

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