Guided Reading Word Work

This week, I used these penguins with my kindergarten small groups. They are just starting to sound out words. I would build a word and they would sound it out using their whisper phones. Then I would call on one of them to read it to the group.  I left the vowel spot blank, so you could write any vowel in, including vowel pairs, so I could use with my older students too. 

Sometimes I would ask things like, "Which penguin should I change to make rip?" or "I want to change the vowel to a. What is the word now?"

Then I pass out a blank word making board to each student in the group. I place it in a plastic sleeve protector. I call out a word and students stretch the sounds. Then they write one sound in each penguin. 

You can pick this freebie up here

It will be free for the next couple of days. Then you can get it with my  Winter Guided Reading Pack. 


  1. Thank you for making your polar word making activity available for free- it is adorable!
    I really like your short vowel strip you use to remind students of the sounds that I saw in one of the pics. Where can I find this? Thank you in advance:)

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