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iTeach 2nd Linky: Syllable Division

Hello! Welcome to the iTeach2nd Linky. I know I am Sarah's First Grade Snippets, but now that I'm a reading teacher, I actually teach k-3. So I do work with quite a few 2nd graders. :) I'm so excited to be joining this linky party with some wonderful bloggers.

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The idea I'm brining you today is one that I've been using for a while in my reading groups and students absolutely love this activity. It especially helps those struggling readers, but it does benefit all students. It's nothing too fancy, but the skills acquired with this activity go a long way with decoding and spelling.

If you would like to download these free gingerbread cards with two-syllable words, click here. 

To use these cards, students need to know:
1. Every syllable must have a vowel.
2. Closed syllables end in a consonant, so the vowel before it makes the short sound. (The consonant closes the door on the vowel so it cannot shout it's name.)
3. Open syllables end in a vowel, so the vowel is long. (The door is open so the vowel gets to shout it's name.)
4. Usually if there are two consonants between the vowels, you split it right down the middle. The exceptions are if those two consonants make one sound together.

I hope this has been a helpful post. I'm almost finished with an entire pack dedicated to syllables. If you are interested, follow my Facebook page, blog, or Instagram to see when it's all finished. :) I'll be talking more about syllable rules in a future post as well. 

Enjoy the other helpful posts in our linkies! A special thank you to Nicole Sanchez from Nicole and Eliceo for planning and coordinating.