Printable Activities for Digraphs

I have been loving these printable phonics packs! It's been so nice to these ready to go and organized into folders. Convenient and the kids love having their own folders to work with. The best part is I can reuse them for multiple groups. I've used these in two ways: as a warmup for guided reading and as an intervention resource. These are designed with intervention in mind. Students who struggle with learning to read need repetition. They need multiple opportunities to practice each phonics skill. These packs are flexible in that there are tons of different pages to choose from, but you don't have to use every one. Use what you need for each student. You might have one student that needs every single page, but others who simply need a few. Either way, your folders are ready to go when you need them! :)

This pack mostly has sh, th, and ch. There are a couple pages with wh and ck. 

This page is the first page I use when introducing each digraph. Students will search for the letters that make that digraph and cover the circles as they make that sound. 

Next, students listen for the digraph in words. 

For this page, students will listen for where the digraph is (beginning or end of the word.) These pages are available for th, sh, and ch.

There are several more pages where the digraphs are separated so students can get practice with each digraph. 

The remaining pages are mixed digraph pages. 

There are 65 pages in this pack. Like I said, for some students you will be able to pick and choose which pages to use. Other students may need to spend more time with each phonics skill so it's nice to have plenty to choose from. 

You can get this  by clicking here or on the picture below:

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