Alphabet Intervention

This year I've been working really hard with my kindergarten students to help them with alphabet recognition. For some kids, this is a quick process. For others, it requires a lot more repetition. I truly believe that with these students, repetition is key. Each time I introduced a letter, I found myself searching for more ideas-more ways to practice the same thing over and over. Each time I taught a letter, I took the multi sensory approach where students say it, feel it, write it and build it. I created these alphabet mats to put all of these in one place.  

Listening for the initial sound is also such an important phonemic awareness skill. I kept it simple where students just have to identify if it is the target sound (in this came /g/) or not.

There are two options for this part. They can cover or color the circles like above, or they can write the letter (pictured below.)

As I was laminated these mats, my younger son saw them and wanted to do his own "homework." He   loved this! As you can see, he is working on his fine motor skills as well. He isn't quite to the point where he feels confident enough to trace the letters, but coloring in these circles is the first step. Even after just doing a few of these over a week, he improved his ability to color in the circles (which as you know will soon lead to the ability and confidence to trace and write real letters.)

I have to warn you, though. There is some prep involved in this! I laminate these two pages two-sided. Then I use puff paint, glitter glue, and/or colored sand (with glue) to make the letters for students to feel. I also pre-cut the WikkiStix so they are ready. I have them on the board and take them off for students to rebuild the letters. Now that they are all done, I'm SO happy though! I have them organized in a filing system and I just pull out the mats for my small group. Ready to go! 

If you are interested, you can get these here:


  1. I absolutely love the alphabet mats. This would help my students who are having a hard time learning their letters.

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