Fall-themed Guided Reading for First Grade (and Kindergarten, too!)

I've made some additions to my Fall Guided Reading Pack. Just like my winter and spring set, I've added in a Spin a Sentence.

Spin a Sentence is great for practicing fluency, particularly phrasing. This particular set also helps with using Guided Reading strategies for beginning readers. As you can see, there is a picture clue, basic sight words, and decodable words. These sentences are very basic to give our kids some success with decoding then an opportunity to reread to practice sounding fluent with appropriate phrasing. Some sentences won't make sense when placed together. This is an opportunity to practice catching when things don't sound right. If the sentences don't work together grammatically (like if you were to match the two yellow above: The leaf are on the wagon) then you can direct your students to spin again to make a better sentence. 

The other activities include Sequencing, Sight Word Spin, Sentence Strips, and Story Cards. I added an Editable version of the Sight Word Spin so that you could put in the words that your class is working on. I use this SO much and I realized I was always changing up the words so I wanted to give you that opportunity too. I also added a 8 story cards and a page of sentence strips. The story cards and sentence strips have two levels of difficulty. 

Click here or on the picture below to get this pack.

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