Consonant Blend Intervention Activities

Happy Sunday! I'm so excited to finally finish and post this. I've been using pieces of this for the past two years and have been adding bits and pieces. If there were more time in a day, I would actually complete things I start and put them together in a beautiful package right away. That would save me time in the long run actually! For the past year, I've had these materials in pocket protectors and then pulled them out individually when I needed to use them. Now that I'm finished with the whole pack, I've put them together in a folder and I loooove this system. I found this folder recently that is just perfect. There is a clear sheet protector on the front cover of this folder. 

Then inside there are three holds with fasteners, perfect to slip these sheet protectors into. I plan on making six folders to pass out to my small group. This is perfect for a warm up before guided reading groups OR to use for RTI. My kiddos always need more practice with blends!

When it's time to teach consonant blends, my materials will be ready to go and easy to access. 

In this pack, I included a variety of activities to give students opportunities to build, write, and read words and sentences with consonant blends.

This is one of my favorites: 

At the end, there are a few short stories, too!

This game you could play over and over. 

Just slip all your materials in the sheet protectors. 

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