Tutoring Toolkit

It's done! What I thought would take a couple hours to spruce up ended up taking me days! I just kept changing things and adding things, but finally I have a product I'm happy with. Introducing the Tutoring Toolkit:

 In a previous post, I blogged about some tutoring tips and showed you inside my tutoring binder. Here, I've spruced it up a bit for you! The binder is divided into sections, each with a cover and tabs:

  • Word Building
  • More Phonics
  • Sight Words
  • Fluency
  • Guided reading
  • Lesson Plans
  • Assessments
  • Notes

 I included a few activities to get you started. These are my "go-to" phonics activities. I keep the plastic sheet protectors in the binder, but change out the cards based on what phonics skill I'm focusing on. For example, if I'm teaching short a, I will grab my short a sorting cards, short a matching cards, etc. The rest of the cards (other short vowels, silent e, etc.) I store at home in a tub.

I included a few sight word activities for you including:
  • Flash cards separated by animal and color with a student sheet. All Dolch words are included.
  • Blank templates for Sight Word Spin (my favorite sight word activity)
  • Read, Spell it, Write it pages and directions
Fluency is such an important part of my tutoring program! There are tons of resources available on TPT to add to this section of your binder, but for this pack I did include some new story cards and my Four Square Fluency poster (also in my Guided Reading Packs.) 

For the guided reading section, I included some assessment/"snapshot" pages and a strategy bookmark. Most of my Guided Reading materials come from readinga-z.com or my Reading Passages for beginning readers

This is how I use my tutoring binder/tub:

Keep all your  materials that you've collected and created in the correct section. That way you can just grab and go. It's nice to be able to provide some choice while you're tutoring too. If you are teaching short e, grab a few different short e activities so you can present your student with a  choice. I've slowly added to my collection over the years!

This post gives some extra tips about tutoring. :)

Below is a quick video of pictures inside the binder:


  1. I love your toolkit!! I finally reorganized all of my materials so I had all of my short vowel, long vowel, first grade passages, etc. together in the same binder. I love the idea of using a tub to keep my small cards and other activities that aren't reproducibles. Right now all of those kinds of things are stored randomly in small accordion files in shoe boxes-definitely in need of reorganization!! I may have to go "Target-ing" for a tub and hanging file folders or a big accordion-like tub like you have ;)!!

  2. Is there a specific grade this is for?

    1. This is for ending kindergarten and first grade