Summer Reading Incentives

The countdown begins! This coming week is my last week of school. I am working like crazy to get things done. Somewhere in between saying goodbye to my students and slipping into summer relaxation mode, I have a twinge of panic in my stomach. I always give my little speech about making sure to read over the summer. I give out summer packs that I think usually end up collecting dust. I just pray that parents visit the library or put aside some reading time over the summer to prevent that summer slide. Unfortunately, the kids who need to read the most over the summer are usually the ones that want to avoid it. It makes sense. They still aren't quite proficient so it is hard work. It can feel laborious and they just want to be playing out in the sun with their friends. I totally get it. No judgement here. But then fall rolls around and I do assessments and my heart sinks when I realize that several kids have slid backwards.  Our most struggling readers need to practice. So how do we convince them to read? Well, bribe them of course. Ha! Okay maybe bribe is a little strong. We motivate them. Is that better? ;) I made this last year to go with my summer reading pack.  

I included this with my summer toolkit that blogged about last year. 

One thing I'm adding this year are a few incentive cards. Once kids fill up their reading chart, they can choose a card. There are 12 cards in all. 

If you are also looking for printable packs, check out these: (Click on the pictures)


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