Teacher Appreciation Sale: Teacher Must-Haves

Here are some products to pick up during this big sale! These are a few "must-haves" in my classroom. 

Yep, sometimes you just need some ready-to-go printables. These are engaging printables to use for seat work, reinforcing concepts and skills, extra practice, sub tub, and homework. Plenty of activities!

My literacy centers are my babies. I know, that sounds so silly. But I loooove these and literally developed these over maaaaany years. You reap the benefits of my mistakes and trial and error over the years. I finally got it right and cannot live without these. So yes, they are my babies. :)

Want to get your grading more consistent and clear? Yep, you need rubrics my friend. 

The top three are reading passages. Seriously 400 pages worth of reading passages for the entire year. Graphic organizers to with each story. Varying levels. You will get plenty of use of that! The top right is my writing pack for the year. The year. Yep, the year. TONS of activities with rubrics and graphic organizers. The bottom sets are all printable but super interactive. Making inferences, visualizing,  and sequences practice. 

Look no further for phonics practice. Tons of phonics activities! These are packed with hands-on AND printable activities. 

I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers! Click on the picture below to see some of their amazing products for sale AND to get tons of links to other teachers with sales going on. 


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