Super Sentence Mega Pack

One of the first literacy centers that I made when I started teaching first grade was the Super Sentence  center. It was not so cute back then though. I think I used a small extra piece of poster board I had laying around to make the board. I drew rectangles in different colors to go with the comic sans-typed   phrases glued onto colored contraction paper. Did I mention that the cutting wasn't straight at all? I should look through my old pictures to show you the beauty. :) It's the perfect example of me just keeping it real. Don't you love to see classroom that aren't perfect- far from it? You would love my Super Sentence circa 2006 then. Ha! Well, I've learned a thing or two since then. This has been part of my literacy center menus but I really needed to update each with clip art and consistence box sizes. I was asked a looong time ago to make a pack filled with just Super Sentences and I meant to get this done way back then. I'm really happy to have this done now! :) I added a bunch that are not in the monthly literacy menus. 

Here's how it works:

(There are a few more that aren't pictured here too!)

For each set, there are adjectives, subjects, "where" cards, "when" cards, and verb/action cards. Students match the colors to make sentences. 

Some boards have the adverb cards like the one above. Others have the "when" cards like the one below. There are also boards with just the subject, verb, and "where" cards. 

Each set has a student sheet:

Here are the different sets that are included:

I store these using snack size zip lock plastic bags and plastic page  protectors. 

These are perfect for literacy centers, word work, and small group or partner activities. 

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  1. I just found a free play about using your senses ( Your sentence boards will be just perfect to use in all those writing ideas brought up by the play.