Wednesday, April 22, 2015

RTI: ink, ank, unk, onk Phonics Activities

I've been working on the units -ink and -ank with my first graders lately. Earlier in the year, I was working on it with one of my 2nd grade groups.  I'm telling you, that ink and ank can be a doozy. I started certain parts of this pack last year, then added some in the fall when I was using it with my 2nd graders, then finished it last week when I was working with my 1st grade group. I have about 3 other phonics intervention packs half done, similar to this one. I love to have a variety of activities to choose from. Some activities are quick and simple, others are more involved and hands-on. All are  great practice for our little readers! I use some of the these activities to introduce the -ink, -ank, -unk, and -onk word families. Others are used as a good ol' review. You will not use all of these activities at once, but it's nice to have some extra activities to choose from in your back pocket. :)

I like to encourage my kids to "chunk" through words. I teach them to see -ink and -ank as a word family since it does not follow the "rules" really. 

Here, we used white board pens to "highlight" the word family. They read the word family then add in the initial sound(s) and blend the words. 
Here, they choose the correct initial sound(s) for each word ending. 

Each student chooses word endings for each box. Then they read it to the group.

I included word cards with colored backgrounds and word cards with no color. There are also picture cards. 

I use this activity the most. This is one of the first activities I use. We build words with the -ink and -ank and -unk word families using the regular word tiles.

Then I add in these green cards to show that these as a unit. I build words and they read them and then they build words that I call out. I include real and nonsense words.  

Sometimes you just need a good game.  

This one can be done independently:

If you want to get them moving, have a word hunt:

To practice writing these words in context, I gave them these picture prompts.  


  1. This would be a great complement to our new Fundations phonics program. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  2. What a fantastic phonics pack! Hoping I'm lucky! 😊

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