Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Activities

 For No Worksheet Wednesday, I got out the eggs. Kids get so excited when they see these plastic eggs.

I only chose a couple sight words that we have been working on. I chose words they know and a two  new words. Students read the word on the outside, then opened the egg to build the word. I wanted them to repeat so they had extra practice with each word, so I had them put the letters back in, shake it up, and then reread and rebuild the word.   Let me tell you about my mistake now. I thought it would be fun to get them moving and "hide" the eggs around the room. (Keep in mind I only have 5 kids at a time in my room.) I modeled how to find an egg, read the egg, build the word, and then move on to another. Uh, nope. They were too excited to just go around and collect them. They were not about to stop and read it or build the words. They just wanted to collect. Soooo, we regrouped and moved to our reading table for a more structured approach. Maybe next year? ;) 

We practiced sounding out words with these eggs from my Kindergarten April Literacy menu. We made it into a game. I set out the onset and rime. Each student took turns flipping over two cards to match. They read the words in their whisper phones (so everyone was getting practice). Then we flipped it back over and wrote the word on white boards. 

My first grade students used these eggs to review silent e. 

My second grade students practiced reading two-syllabe words. 

Also with my kindergarten students, I brought out the spring board for our sentence building. I love this board because it includes positional sight words like by, under, on, and in. I used the Easter-related picture words this time. 

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