Earth Day Printable Reading Activity Freebie

Happy Sunday everyone! Just a quick post today- an actual "snippet" for once. :) Earth Day is around the corner so I wanted to make sure you picked up this little freebie. It's not new, but it is updated with some adorable new clip art! If you are a new follower or if you just missed this freebie a couple years ago, you can download this today! It's a quick and easy activity, but it still gives your students great reading practice while reinforcing Earth Day themes.  

If you enjoy these activities, you can find a bundle of these for the whole year in this pack:


  1. thank you! i had to use all three versions for the various levels in my second grade classroom :-/ thoughtful!

  2. It will almost be putting some of the effective details because these are the ones which have created more interest with regards to certain creative activities for the students.