No Worksheet Wednesday

I am so excited about this linky! My sweet, amazing friend Christina from Miss Decarbo at Sugar and Spice had this wonderful idea to have a No Worksheet Wednesday. We are going back to the basics in our classrooms and promising to use no worksheets on Wednesdays. I don't use a whole lot of worksheets to begin with because I am a reading intervention teacher, but I wanted to join in on this fun anyway! :)

Wednesdays are my shortest days so I don't have a whole lot to share today but I do have a few tidbits. 

My first grade group is working on Drawing Conclusions in their classroom. After reading our story called The Big Race, I asked them why the Lizard won.

They said it was because the other animals got distracted somehow. I explained that as readers we draw conclusions all the time. The author may not come out and say that the animals got distracted during the race so that's why the lizard won. We drew the conclusion that the lizard won because of this. We also drew the conclusion that he might not have won if those other events wouldn't have happened. Then, we went back and used the text to explain why we came up with that conclusion.

This also became a shared writing opportunity. They are working on long vowels with silent e so they were able to practice sounding out these words.

We are also working on inflectional endings. After we did our chart, we went back and found the words with inflectional endings. We circled the base words with wikkistix. I love when we can really dive into a text like this!

With another group, we are working more with phonics because that is their big struggle. We spent our time building words, reading words, and writing words. We took the words we built and they made sentences. They had to make their sentence past tense, identifying the ending and the base word.

Last but my favorite was bringing Hedgie into our reading group. My kindergarten boys got to help Hedgie sound out words. Got to love finger puppets! :)Honestly, this little boy could've sounded out words all day long with Hedgie.

Come join us at Primary Chalkboard and read about what other teachers did today for No Worksheet Wednesday! 


  1. Such great activities, Sarah. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Super cute! Love Hedgie! I will have to check out that book. I don't think we've read it. ;-)

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