First Grade Guided Reading Materials for Spring

Last year, I made a guided reading pack for my kindergarten students who were just beginning to read. I needed materials for them so that they could get plenty of practice reading at their level. Most importantly, I needed materials that would make them feel success. Since then, I kept making more- a fall, winter, and christmas edition of these packs. I use these packs probably more than anything. Well, now those kindergarten kids are first graders. I realized that I needed to make first grade edition! These materials have become a staple with our RTI time. So... I took my kinder version and made the stories more complex with a more difficult reading level. When I go back to school next week from spring break, I'll be ready! 

There is more sequencing practice:

I included two levels of difficulty for these story cards. The easier version is pictured here. After I was finished with this pack, I realized that I needed some harder cards too. The more challenging story cards are the same stories, but they use more multi syllable words and more prefixes and suffixes. 

The sight words for the sight word spin are the dolch 1st and 2nd grade list. I also included a blank one.

This time I made the sentence strips more difficult with a variety of punctuation. Each strip has a sentence with a period AND a question mark or exclamation point. I also added some italicized words to practice emphasizing words. 

We love making really silly sentences with our sentence spin!

Here are a few extra resources to use with your activities: 

The fluency check can be used with the story cards and the sentence strips. The story spin is a comprehension tool to be used with the story cards. The strategy bookmark is used with everything! These three resources help your students with fluency, compression, AND accuracy.

I also added a BLACK and WHITE version of every page!

You can find these activities here:

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