Bossy R -ar Words Phonics Pack

Happy Monday! Today is my first day of spring break. My goal this week is to get some things finished from my to-do list. First up, I needed to update this pack: 

I made these updates a while time ago as I was using it in my own classroom, but I could not get my act together to actually put it all together and upload it all to TPT. Finally, I did it! Most of these printables were all from the original pack (except I gave some a little make over and added a few more.)

These were also from the original pack:

Some of these were from the original, but many were just added. They may look familiar though. They are similar to those in my Vowel Teams pack. I loved using those with my students so I had to make them for my Bossy R pack too!

If you already own this pack, make sure you go back and download these updates! I'll be putting this on sale today.

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