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A HUGE thank you to SDE (Staff Development for Educators) for their kind and generous donation!

First Grade Guided Reading Materials for Spring

Last year, I made a guided reading pack for my kindergarten students who were just beginning to read. I needed materials for them so that they could get plenty of practice reading at their level. Most importantly, I needed materials that would make them feel success. Since then, I kept making more- a fall, winter, and christmas edition of these packs. I use these packs probably more than anything. Well, now those kindergarten kids are first graders. I realized that I needed to make first grade edition! These materials have become a staple with our RTI time. So... I took my kinder version and made the stories more complex with a more difficult reading level. When I go back to school next week from spring break, I'll be ready! 

There is more sequencing practice:

I included two levels of difficulty for these story cards. The easier version is pictured here. After I was finished with this pack, I realized that I needed some harder cards too. The more challenging story cards are the same stories, but they use more multi syllable words and more prefixes and suffixes. 

The sight words for the sight word spin are the dolch 1st and 2nd grade list. I also included a blank one.

This time I made the sentence strips more difficult with a variety of punctuation. Each strip has a sentence with a period AND a question mark or exclamation point. I also added some italicized words to practice emphasizing words. 

We love making really silly sentences with our sentence spin!

Here are a few extra resources to use with your activities: 

The fluency check can be used with the story cards and the sentence strips. The story spin is a comprehension tool to be used with the story cards. The strategy bookmark is used with everything! These three resources help your students with fluency, compression, AND accuracy.

I also added a BLACK and WHITE version of every page!

You can find these activities here:

Bossy R -ar Words Phonics Pack

Happy Monday! Today is my first day of spring break. My goal this week is to get some things finished from my to-do list. First up, I needed to update this pack: 

I made these updates a while time ago as I was using it in my own classroom, but I could not get my act together to actually put it all together and upload it all to TPT. Finally, I did it! Most of these printables were all from the original pack (except I gave some a little make over and added a few more.)

These were also from the original pack:

Some of these were from the original, but many were just added. They may look familiar though. They are similar to those in my Vowel Teams pack. I loved using those with my students so I had to make them for my Bossy R pack too!

If you already own this pack, make sure you go back and download these updates! I'll be putting this on sale today.

Five for (the day after) Friday

I'm linking up today with Doodle Bugs teaching for Five for Friday. I realize it's Saturday, but I started this on Friday, so we can just pretend. :) This week was filled with St. Patrick's Day themed activities in the reading room. It was a pretty fun week!

With one of my kindergarten groups, we are practicing CVC words simple sentences with basic sight words. Together, we practiced sounding out words by helping our leprechaun go over the rainbow. This was up on our white board. Students picked the letters they wanted and took turns coming up to make words and sound them out. 

Then, we used sentence strips to write a sentence together using the words we made.

Back at the reading table the next day, we practiced building more words. This time they had their own sentence strips to write their sentences. Those are math counters that I just wrote letters on. They sort of look like gold, right? ;)

These rainbow flip books were a big hit. My first graders used this book:

And my 2nd graders worked on this one:

(You can find this in my 1st and 2nd grade March literacy centers)

The first grade teacher at my school is using my March literacy centers with her class. She showed me this adorable sticker story that one of her students wrote. I love the stickers he used and the story that he created!

Here are are a couple phonemic awareness activities I worked on with my kinders. This first one is from my kindergarten March literacy center pack. They sorted words based on the vowel sound. 

We worked on this activity from my phonemic awareness activity pack. I found this fake gold and just had to use it! They used the gold to "push the sounds." For this card, we first segmented /h/ /a/ /t/. Then we took away the first piece of gold and figured out what was left over. 

Of course I had to have a little St. Patty's Day fun at home too. :) My boys woke up to this note:

Overall, a great week! Now I'm on spring break! :)  Hope you all had a great week, too!

Found the Gold Freebie Hop

Did you all have a great St. Patrick's Day? Well, your luck has not run out yet. My friends over at A Spark of Inspiration are having a little freebie hop! Thank you to the wonderful Learning with Mrs. Leeby for sending you my way!  

Today, I'm going to share with you a little part of my Spring Guided Reading pack for Kindergarten. I love using this with my beginning readers! The freebie I'm sharing with you today can also be used with 1st graders because the sequencing component is perfect for comprehension practice!

These two are new to the pack. I will be adding them to the rest of the pack today! There are several other sequencing stories just like them already in that pack. 

Each story has four cards. Students read the cards and place them in order on the sequencing board. 

I use these during my guided reading groups and my students love them! They are great for a quick, informal assessment too!

Next, visit my friend Jenny at Luckeyfrog's Lilypad. 

Opinion Writing Lesson Sample

One of the things that I miss most about classroom teaching is teaching writing. Writing was always such a challenge to teach for various reasons, but I always enjoyed it. It always seemed like I would get super inspired during a writing lesson. I loved to watch the growth of my little firsties as the year progressed. You could always plan a writing lesson, but it would always take a turn because it's all about the students! They all have different needs, different strengths and skills. Every mini lesson or writing task would open my eyes to something new I needed to teach. For some reason, it equally excited and panicked me. Ha! 

Earlier this year a teacher at my school came to me asked for help with a writing assignment that she wanted to do for her class. She is an amazing writer and a phenomenal teacher, but was new this grade level, so she wanted to take her idea and make sure she was teaching it in an age appropriate way. I was more than excited to help! 

The assignment: She wanted her kids to write her a persuasive letter, where they try to convince her to go on the field trip of their choice. Here's what we came up with:

She made her own chart using chart paper that showed the choices they had. (She had different choices but since it was so long ago, I couldn't remember them!) With this chart, you could brainstorm with the class things you would do on this field trip and what you could learn. That will help decide which is the best.

After doing that first chart, give your students time to talk. Yep. Talking time. Give it a little structure by instructing them to use the statements like, I think _________ would be the best field trip because... or We should go to ______________ because ______________. This individual student page with go to all the students, but first, I would make my own on chart paper. Explain each section. Use oral writing to model the format (almost like you are writing a paper in front of them but only with words.) Point to each section as you are speaking to where where you are at. Then give them time to talk again about possible reasons why they should go on their field trip. 

This is an optional extra to guide them before writing so they can put in transition words. Have them choose one transition word from each box. Those words would then be used before each reason. If you haven't done any lessons on transition words, you would need to spend more time on this part. :) Again, give them opportunities to practice their sentences by giving them talking time. Have them point to their own planning page as they add in the transition words. 

Now we are ready to write! This class used a letter format, so she had an additional lesson earlier about the parts of a letter.  

If you haven't gone over parts of a letter, you could use this format, which is more of an opinion writing page. (I would copy more lines on the other side obviously, so there was more room to write).

For those younger kids, I would use something like this:

You know I love rubrics! I create a rubric for each format above. Make sure your students see the rubric before they begin writing so they know what is expected. After filling out the rubric, talk to your students about goals. What is something that they can work on for next time? What is something that they did well? Keep track of these strengths and areas of growth. Provide time to talk with your students about how they can reach those goals. Then for the next assignment, refer back so you can remember what they are working on and how you can support them. :)

You can download this activity for free here or by clicking on the picture below.

If there is one thing I want to take away from this, it's that writing is a process and not a worksheet. :) Trust me, I've been guilty in the past of just assigning writing and not truly teaching/modeling it. Aaaaand, once you are done with a writing assignment, you have really just begun! :)

This is a sample of a much bigger pack of writing activities for the whole year! I took all of my writing activities from my various seasonal packs (with mixed skills) and put them all together. It's over 300 pages! Planning sheets, writing pages, and rubrics are included. 

Firstie Friends Spring Giveaway!

Are you ready for spring? I'm so ready for spring! Spring may not be here yet officially, but we are gearing up for spring with a fun giveaway. Some of my favorite first grade bloggers friends are giving away their favorite spring goodies.

You can win ALL of these with the rafflecopter and you can win MY pack by commenting on my blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm giving away my ready to go Spring Printables. It is PACKED with great literacy activities!

Here's a little freebie from the pack:

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