Phonemic Awareness Intervention Pack: Part 2

I'm SO excited about this Phonemic Awareness Intervention Pack! I've been working on it slowly. Last week I posted some ideas for teaching phonemic awareness and a little intervention kit. This is part 2 of the intervention kit. This is the BIG one! I took all the phonemic awareness skills that you would need to teach your little ones and made activities for each one. There are "covers" for each activity to show you how to set it up. This pack is perfect for kindergarten, pre-k, and 1st grade RTI. If you have students who are struggling with sounding out words, they are probably not ready for phonics! They need Phonemic Awareness instruction first. (First though, make sure they can rhyme and hear syllables of words. Those come even before phonemic awareness.)

Here are the skills I covered in this pack:

3 Rhyming Activities

Two initial Sound Identification Activities

Isolating Sounds: Beginning and Ending Sounds 

Isolating Sounds: Medial Phonemes

4 Activities for Blending Phonemes:

4 Activities for Segmenting Phonemes

Isolating Sounds: Which Sound is Different

Manipulating Phonemes: Phoneme Deletion

Manipulating Phonemes: Substituting Phonemes

Manipulating Phonemes: Adding Phonemes

Mixed Skills: Games

Phonemic Awareness Assessment

75 Picture Cards: 
These picture cards can be used for several of the phonemic awareness activities.  

If you just want the phoneme segmenting activities, you can get it HERE:

If you just want the phoneme blending activities, you can get them HERE:

Use this visual below to help you sequence your phonemic awareness instruction:

To see my post about phonemic awareness activities with videos and pictures, click here.

More Phonemic Awareness Resources

To see my Phonemic Awareness Intervention KIT, which is great as an at-home kit, click here.


If you would like a printable, black-and-white option, you might like this:
Click HERE for this resource. 


  1. This PA intervention pack is amazing, Sarah! I finally had a chance to take a better look at it on TpT, and it's everything I need to help my kinders practice these essential skills! I will definitely be purchasing this soon!! Thank you!

  2. This looks great, Sarah! I love everything you make!!

  3. I am convinced that students always learn a lot if we are adopting practical approach. Phonemic awareness intervention pack is so useful for students.

  4. Great work, now I can get my baby interested. I love how interactive it is