Phonemic Awareness Intervention Kit (Part 1)

My last post was all about phonemic awareness. Make sure you read that post before you read this one. This post is a just a short follow-up to show you my phonemic awareness intervention kit. (All of the activities in this kit are already in that post. This just offers you that post in a printable kit form.) I actually have three different phonemic awareness packs coming. I have this one, which is the smallest. I call it a "kit" because it really is a quick and easy kit to use in the classroom or as a resource to send home with parents. My next pack (that I will finish someday soon I hope) is more comprehensive and filled with interactive ideas for the classroom. These are activities that I've been doing with my small groups and some could be used as centers. The third is more of a "ready-to-go" printable intervention binder. No color. 

Here is what the kit looks like:

Please note that this is a digital download, so the manipulatives you see here are not included. There is a printable train and track, but not a real one. :) The other things I already had in my classroom. I sent a couple of these home with students in a huge ziplock bag. I also have a set in my own classroom. There is one more game, that is not pictured here (but it's pictured below.) In my classroom, I have these cards together with a ring, along with a list of words that work with these activities and the picture cards. I always do one of these activities as a "warm-up" for my guided reading groups with my kindergarteners all year and my first graders (at the beginning of the year).

I Spy and What's the Sound don't involve any manipulates. Stuffy Sounds using a stuffed animal or puppet. I blogged about that in my last post. Hop to It could be used with SitSpots in the classroom or Chalk outside. These activities are great for parents to use at home.  

These two pictures below show everything that is included. Like I said, it's a small kit, but very useful. :) If you are looking for a more thorough pack, you might want to wait for the next one. :) 

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