Interactive Guided Reading Activities for Christmas

My students loved the activities in my Fall Guided Reading pack so much so I started working on a winter one. I didn't want to exclude Christmas, but at the same time, many teachers can't do Christmas stuff in their classrooms. So I decided to make a Christmas pack and a winter pack. Christmas is done! I have two weeks of school left, so I know this is a little late... I've been using it for the past week while I finished it up for you all. Love the Christmas theme. Can't help it. Just makes me happy to see elves, reindeer and Santa. For those of you who are looking for a way to spice up your Guided Reading time, check this out:  

Perfect for beginning readers and RTI!

You can find this in my TPT store:


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    1. Thank you Kimberly! Can I have your email? Here's mine:

  2. Oh my this looks fun. And so full of holiday cheer!! Hope you have a great week this week. :)

  3. Interactive guided reading have bring around for the students everything which they must need to know and then to moving forward these will prove to be much better.