Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Countdown to Christmas with some FREEBIES!

Happy last week before Christmas break! Are you all having fun with the Advent Calendar goodies over at Primary Chalkboard? I know I've been loving these sales and freebies!  I'm excited to join in on the fun today.

I know this last week can be crazy, but it can also be super fun. I always love the month of December! Now I know you are all thinking about Christmas break next week, but you still have this week to get through, right? Well, here are some activities to have fun and keep the learning happening in your classroom.

Can you tell we've been working on the ink, ank, onk, ink families? These are two activities that I've been using to practice. Last year I did the activity in the top picture. I used this with my small group.

This year, I used the activity in the bottom picture.   

I'm also sharing a "ready to print" option.

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