2015 Resolutions Linky Party

Hello! Well, I'm coming down from my Christmas high and starting to think about January and the new year. I may even take down Christmas decorations today. Sniffle, sniffle. To help transition me away from my favorite holiday, I'm linking up with my friend, Jessica over at Second Grade Nest. She's having a 2015 Resolutions Linky.  Now let's be honest here. Will I actually follow through with all of my resolutions and goals? Probably not. But, if I follow through on just one or maybe even a few, then that is a total win. Baby steps, right? Every year try to get a tiny bit better while maintaining my sanity. That's something to strive for. :)

So, here we go! 

Attend more workshops and read more books that will make me better at my job. I want to learn more about reading disabilities and feel more confident about what I can do to support my students, their families, and their classroom teachers. 

Blog more! Well, not just blog more. I want to blog about more relevant topics. That totally depends on how how much time I can dedicate to learning more. There isn't enough time in the day, but I really want to share what I learn. 

Workout more. I hate working out. There, I said it. I don't enjoy it. at. all. I love going for walks, bike rides, or hikes with my family, but I barely get my heart rate up. I know I will feel better and be healthier overall if I just do it. 

Be present. I love spending time with my family and I think I do a pretty good job balancing. I am totally guilty of not always being present though. My mind wonders off and thinks about all the other things I need to be doing. Then I've wasted precious time with my wonderful little boys and/or my husband. I really believe every day counts. Every day is a blessing. Don't waste it. 

I've never been to Southern Cali. Seems likes a fun place to go. :) I'd also like to go back to NY for a visit. Europe is #1 on my list, but I know I won't get there in 2015 so I won't even put that on my official goal list.  

Good question.... I have no idea. I think I need to venture out and tray new recipes in general. My dinners are a little predictable and plain. Pinterest can help me with that. 

More about computers and html and all that crazy business. I am so confused with all that. I would also love to buy and leaner Photoshop. 

Sugar. I did pretty well in 2014 with not going crazy with the sugar. I always feel so much better when I don't eat sweets. I love sweets. LOVE. I don't have self-discipline when it comes to sweets, so I have to totally say no. Can't just have one piece. It's either no sweets or 35 hershey kisses. 

Did I mention work out? :) Also blogging? Spending more time with friends sounds good. My house could be cleaner. And if we really want to get random and real, I want to start doing my hair more. Don't laugh! My poor hair. It's thick and curly only in some spots. Then stick straight in others. It's a mess. I never make time to actually do it. It makes a difference though. I always look at people who do their hair so nice everyday and I think, I should do that. Again, time. Sleep for ten more minutes or do my hair? Sleep always wins. Maybe not in 2015!

House projects. Don't we all have those? Do those every actually get done? I would love to check some things off my TPT-to-do list. Some things have been there since 2012. Ha, ha! 

What are your goals for the new year? 

Head on over to Second Grade Nest to link up!