November Literacy Centers for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade

 November snuck up on me! Not going to lie- I'm one of those people who actually loves seeing Christmas stuff on November 1st. November always flies by because we have conferences, days off for Thanksgiving and Veteran's Day. Not that I don't enjoy my time in November, but really I am a Christmas holiday gal. Don't worry though! I'm not about to overlook Thanksgiving! I'm all about being thankful. I embrace the November-themed activities big time (even though I'm secretly pining for the Christmas season to begin). :)

Many of you have seen this before, but I made a few updates. I am so sorry to my wonderful loyal followers who have seen this for the 3rd year. Love you and I'm sorry. :) There are tiny changes, nothing major, just mostly "clean up" type stuff. These are the literacy centers that I used when I taught first grade. I also have 2nd grade and kindergarten. I have a few pictures of the centers after being printed, then a preview of more pages in each pack.

These are just a few of the 1st grade centers:

Here are a few 2nd grade centers: 

 This one comes with two options: Thanksgiving version and non-Thanksgiving version (pictured).

This one also comes with a Thanksgiving version and a non (pictured). 

This one also comes with a Thanksgiving version and a non (pictured). 

Here are a few kindergarten pictures:

Here is the full preview of each:

First Grade

2nd Grade


Click on the covers to go to my TPT store:


Combos are great for classes with a wide range of skill levels:


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