Super Reader Pack: Fluency, Phonics, and Sight Word Activities for Beginning Readers

Who doesn't love a superhero? Well, I'm sure there are plenty of people but we're going to just focus on those of us who DO love a good superhero. ;) My kids love anything superhero themed. I've been slowly making superhero activities for the past year and I finally decided to just get my act together and put together a whole set of activities. There is some cah-ute clip art out there so that makes it easier. (I didn't use real superheroes like Superman and Batman for this pack because I wasn't sure about copyright stuff.) 

This includes phonics, sight word, fluency and comprehension activities! 


Practice onset and rime with this activity:

I used a Gluedot to attach the little superheroes with the onset or word ending. They I clipped them to building. I included a few different combinations. 

Vowels can be so tricky and I want them solid with their vowel sounds. For this activity, students will fill in different vowels for each set of words.  

I have this activity in all of my phonics packs because I think it is SO important! I begin each day with word building. Make sure you print the vowels on one color, consonants on another, and digraphs on a third color. You can use this super speller board with your reading groups to build and manipulate words OR you can add magnetic dots to the back of the letter tiles and build words onto your magnetic white board for the class. 

This is a great activity for students who  are learning to sound out words. Again, I make the vowels a different color. Use a color counter to push along the circles below. Teach  yours students to make the sound of the letter that they are underneath.  Flip to sound out several different words!

Get more practice reading words with this real and nonsense word sort. This has TONS of cards! I included CVC words, words with digraphs and short vowels, words with consonant blends, and silent e words. As your students move on to each new skill, they will have a new set of cards to sort. 

This activity focuses on matching digraphs or blends to word endings.  

This activity is great for practicing silent e.  Students will read the word cards then place it on the magic e board. They will decide if it makes a real word with or without a silent e. 

I included THREE different Super Spin: This one picture is with CVC words, another with blends and short vowels, and another with silent e words. 

These are one of my favorite additions! I included 40 sentence strips, all phonetic, to help you kids apply phonics skills with automaticity to gain fluency. I pictured below a comprehension activity you can do after reading each sentence: Color the dots to show the subject (who/what) and the predicate (did what.) This makes kids go back and reread and actually think about their sentence. 

I have other products with this same set up pictured below (remember the little groundhog and bunny from last year?) I always have one of these boards hung up on my magnetic white board. The letters are always up. The vowel is filled in with a white board marker (also can use vowel pairs or bossy r). The character matches the board. So of course I had to make a superhero version of this! Kids love to soar through the words. 

My students are always asking for games! There are two included in this set. 


These are super simple sight word sentences. All the pre-primer dolch words are included.

My son loves to search for sight words. These are laminated so I can erase and use again.

I know what you are thinking about this next picture. Sarah, this is just like from your Seasonal Guided Reading packs! Yes, but I LOVE these Sight Word Spin activities. They are SO easy to use and it really helps them learn their sight words. I can't help it, I have to have seasonal spins and now a superhero themed spin. That way, it's always "new" to the kids. New clip art, new theme and all of sudden it's not the same old activity. But it is. Ha! I also made a  printable worksheet version of this activity.


I made several new story task cards. LOVE to use these. I do these every day with my reading groups. I use them for fluency, comprehension at a very basic level, and to learn/practice using strategies. 

I shrunk my strategy cards a while back to make a book mark. I stuck a little superhero on a clip to help my students practice using their strategies. I use this with my beginning readers so I can get them in the habit of using different strategies when they get stuck on a word. I model, model, model and this little clip gets them so excited. 

There is a color option and a black and white option.

I made a little quick check assessment page for these too! Just a simple check, plus or minus for fluency, comprehension and decoding skills.  

There are two different spinners because there are two different types of cards. This assessment quick check has more of a focus on fluency. Punctuation, expression, rate, accuracy, comprehension and decoding are assessed with this page. 

OR you could use this exit slip that gives you room for a running record:

PS. Just for fun, you might want to see my son's superhero birthday last year. If you do, click here. It was my first birthday party and I got a little excited...


  1. Super cute! Love the heroes on the clothespins. :) Jayne
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  2. Who wouldn't love superheroes?? Especially with this fun pack. Thanks for sharing!

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