Chalk Talk Linky: Reading Room Tour

I'm linking up with my friends over at Primary Chalkboard for our new monthly "Chalk Talk". Today my video is a little tour of my classroom. I didn't show you my entire classroom, just parts of it. You will see my obsession with being color-coordinated. I teach k-3 reading, so I wanted to show you how I organize those different levels. My hope is that you will get some organizational tips for your reading groups. :)

If I were a classroom teacher, I would use these same ideas for my reading groups. Instead of being color-coordinated by grade level, I would just color-coordinate by reading group. As you watch this video, if you are a classroom teacher, you can think of it that way. :) Hope you find some ideas or, at the very least, enjoy peaking into my classroom. :)

Click on the picture below to watch my video.

Those cute boards  are from my friend Emily Fisher. Thanks Em!

Don't forget to check out all the other videos! The other videos are more tips and tricks. 
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PS. What kind of video would you want to see next time? Leave a comment if there is something you would like to see. I can't video student faces, but I'm trying to figure out how I could video myself teaching without showing any student faces... Would you like to see a guided reading lesson? A running record in action with explanation of what I learned from that assessment? A word word session? How I used to do my classroom literacy centers? What's in my assessment binders?
I'll do my best to make a useful video for you. :)


  1. Thanks for the video!! I'd love to see a video on any of the topics you mentioned! I'm always open to and interested in seeing what other reading specialists do to help their struggling readers become better readers!! Thank you!!

    1. Thanks Erin! You are always so sweet and supportive! :)

  2. I love your setup Sarah. It's so organized and fun! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love your reading room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love a good system and this one is so helpful. I loved seeing how you color coded everything but I also liked learning about how you set everything up with your clipboards, containers and work work set up. This is very helpful. I too would love to see what your reading sessions look like. I think we do things very differently over here and would love to learn more. Emma :)

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