A quick classroom management tip

I have a quick and simple tip for you today. Another teacher gave me this tip a few years ago and I love it! (I wish I remembered who gave me this tip and where they got the idea from so I could give the credit.)
Do you ever start to give directions and you have those eager beavers halfway out out the door or rummaging through their desks to get started? Problem is, they haven't listened to your actual directions! When I want to give a direction for the whole class that involves movement, I always hold up one finger. 

This tells them that they cannot start moving yet. If they start to get up or get materials out, I start my directions all over- from the beginning. 

After I get through my directions, I hold up a second finger. 

That signals my students that they may begin to follow my directions. This works better than anything else I've tried. After starting over a few times, they truly do take me seriously! They have no choice but to sit on the edge of their seats and listen! 

Hope this helps!


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