Additions to Ready-to-Go Halloween Printables and some Flashback Freebies

Last year I made a "ready to go" Halloween printable pack. This year, I've added to it. I added a few short stories that are pretty simple for your beginning readers. I also added a few opinion writing prompts that I made for a teacher at my school. Again, for beginners. :) I also added a Spooky Sight Word Spin because I've been using those like crazy in my own groups and I wanted a Halloween one that they could take home. There is now a second sentence writing page mainly because I needed one. 

I added some more skill pages so this pack matched my others more closely and so you could get more practice with these Common Core standards. 

Shawn chose to do this writing prompt tonight and it made me chuckle. He actually said a little more than he wrote. He originally said, "t would be less boring than watching your dad do it." Ha! Then when it was time to write and he was repeating his sentence with the question in the answer, he changed it to this: 

And these are part of my plans this week!

If you already bought this pack, make sure you get these additions by downloading it again. :) 

 If you would like to see more of what it is in this pack, click here to see last year's post.

Last year, I also posted these two freebies:

A Word Race:

And this is one of my favorites:

Click on the pictures to download these freebies!

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