Apple Unit: Science Activities and a Close Reading Lesson

Happy fall! My apple unit has always been one of my favorites. I've had this apple unit out for a while, but I've recently added a bunch of pages to it! The biggest change is that I added a 3 day close reading lesson. Since I don't teach first grade in the classroom anymore, I don't get to do all of these fun activities. But I can do my close reading lesson with my reading groups! :) 

My favorite: this science experiment. I took a common experiment and gave it a  twist. In my first year of teaching first grade, I wanted my kids to really practice the scientific method. That was how this experiment evolved:

(This was part of my old unit. )

With this unit you have two options: The slideshow pictured below (which you could also print into a book) OR a link to a PowerPoint. The downside to the Powerpoint is that the fonts are NOT cute. I used very basic fonts so they would work on all computers. I'm sure there is a better way that I don't know about. The upside to the PowerPoint version is that it is more interactive (bees flying to flowers, trees "growing", etc.) The version you see here is way cuter and has real photos, but it doesn't have the interactive parts. The student sheet pictured is an activity to do afterward. 

A simple way to show the cycle of an apple tree:

And my 3 day close reading unit, which I'm so excited about! It goes with the classic Gail Gibbons book. She is the best!

There is also a little math game, a 3 page assessment (kid-friendly), and a journal for kids to use on apple exploration day (weighing, measuring, etc.)

If you already owned my mini-unit, you can download all of these additional activities for free!


  1. Sarah,
    You have mastered the Art of Close Reading and made it deliciously sweet for our littles!
    Great Job my friend!