Short e Phonics Practice Pack FINALLY (and a freebie)

It's almost laughable how long it's taken me to finish this pack. Let's rewind two and a half years when I finished my first phonics practice pack. I've had so many very polite requests for the short e pack to be finished and it's been on the top of my list, but for some reason it just kept slipping lower and lower. I just couldn't get this thing done! It's been 85% done for about a year. Ha! Well, I buckled down and got it finished finally.

This pack is similar to the others. There are ready to go printables...
4 short e reading passages with comprehension questions and graphic organizers 

  • Nonsense word fluency 
  • Read, Think, Match short e words
  • Short e Sentence Sort
  • Search a Sound
  • Roll and Read
  • Real or Nonsense
  • Short e sentence writing 
  • 2 word family sorts
  • Spin, Read, and Color
  • Making Words
  • Spotlight on e

 AND hands-on activities to use during centers or guided reading groups.

You can pick this up at my TPT store HERE.
It's on sale today! It's $1.50 off!

Here's a little freebie from this pack:

Click on the picture to download your freebie!


  1. Awesome pack!! I haven't seen any other short vowel packs like this one in your store, did I miss them? I'd love something like this for all the short vowels!!

    1. Hi Erin,
      They are there, but the covers used to look different. I'm updating all of them. Short a and short i and short o all have the same covers as this new short e now. So glad you like them! Shoot me an email if you still can't find them and I'll email you back with the links. :)