Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting to Know Your Students

I know we all have Back to School on the brain, even though some of us don't actually go back for another month. August is always the beginning of the end of summer, which is actually crazy to say because I actually have almost half a summer left. You know what I mean though! We're thinking, we're creating, we're organizing, and yep, we're dreaming about it too. So why fight it? :)

Something that is so important to me is getting to know my students and making that connection with them. I always feel like once I've made that connection, everything else falls into place. So today I have two little ideas to share with you all about how you could get to know your students.


To read about these ideas, please visit me at The Primary Chalkboard. I'm so excited to announce that I am now a part of The Primary Chalkboard!! My very first post is sitting there today. So, head on over to The  Primary Chalkboard to read more about how I get to know my students AND to download these two FREEBIES!


  1. I love those little "chat" cards. I'll be sending those home for sure. Thanks for sharing :)

    Little In Betweens

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you like it Jessica! :)