August Literacy Centers

I'm not quite in school yet, but I know a lot of you have already been in school for a week or more. A couple years ago I posted my August literacy centers. You may not even be thinking about literacy centers so early, but you could also use this menu to teach the routines and procedures that you will use for the rest of the school year. That's how I use my September menu, since I go back in September.

Here are the August centers:

Very soon, I'll be posting more about my management, organization, and procedures. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask! I'll include answers in my next post. :)

I don't have Kindergarten August yet, but I do have kindergarten for September-June.

I've FINALLY created custom categories on TPT to make it easier to find my centers. How did it take me over 3 years to figure that out?!

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  1. Management, organization and procedures are critical part of a teacher's life. That post is much inspiring and useful for teachers.