Spring Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my newest pack for minders. It's a big collection of hands-on literacy activities to use as centers or during guided reading groups. I've been using them with my kindergarten kids in a small group setting. These activities are perfect to give your kiddos much needed practice with sounding out simple words, reading sight words, and phonological awareness. There are a variety of activities to keep them engaged while learning. I'm also using these with my son, who is just now starting to read. 

Some of kids are ready to start reading blends but it's been a challenge. This activity is perfect for them. Since there are so many combinations of cards, I can use this for several days. 

You can use this with a spinner or just have your kids use a clear circle to put over the petal with the letter they will read with the middle part.

This is a sorting activity with -ck words. I did this activity a few times already with my kinder kids and they loved it. They needed to do it more than once to practice reading -ck words and to practice the concept of sorting by word family. 

We always love to build our own words! Sometimes I build the word and they read it, and other times they get a chance to build a word. I write the vowel with white board marker so I can change it easily.  When I build the word, I have them all "whisper read" the word, then I call on someone to read it to the group. 

I have this on my magnetic white board (there are magnetic dots on the page and on the letters). We change the letters and use the grasshopper/cricket to hop through the words.

If you are starting silent e with some groups, this will be perfect for them! My son is starting to learn about silent e, so I made this for him. That silent e can be so tricky!

I still love doing activities that strengthen their phonological awareness, like syllable sorts.

My kinder kids are focusing on digraphs right now, so I made this little activity to practice that skill. I have them try all digraphs with each card to see how many words we can make. 

This is a challenging activity, but SO good for them. I want them to be solid with their short vowels, and this is a great reinforcer for them. They try each bubble with all the vowel possibilities to make words.

Matching clouds to make real and nonsense words:

Sentence scrambler is a favorite with my kindergarten kids!

This is a tough one! They look at both pictures under the umbrella and listen for the sound that is different. Here, I'm using a magnifying glass because I was at home and couldn't find my little clear red circle. :) When they identify the sound that is different, they will put the red circle on the box to show beginning, middle, or ending sound.

These are the centers I haven't yet printed out but will be using soon:

There are pictures on the bees. Students will place on the beehive with the correct blend.

If you are looking for spring centers for your beginning readers and you like what you see, you can get them here:

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