Spring Activities for Kindergarten (ready to go and common core aligned)

Look what I finished! Remember my Spring literacy pack for 1st graders that I made last year? Well, since I'm working more with kindergarteners and my own son is starting to read, I decided to make a Spring literacy pack for kindergarten:

It is set up similar to the first grade set in that there are reading passages, skills pages, and writing pages. These are intended to be for our kinders who are starting to read (they can sound out words and know some sight words).

Here are the reading passages:

Some skill page: phonics, sight words, phonemic awareness

Some spiring writing activities: prompts, sentence writing, and sequencing 

I modified my Read and Sequence, Read Visualize Draw, and Read Think Match pages so they were much easier to read for our kinders. These were some of my favorite activities when I taught first grade. If you like these, I have a "mega pack" for all three. 

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  1. Nice materials! I might actually use it and tweak it a little bit. Thanks for sharing!