Easter Scavenger Hunt

Hello! Two years ago I made a little Easter investigation for parents to use with their kids on Easter morning. There were clue cards that led to a special Easter surprise: a book. At the time we were studying inference, so it fit in perfectly. Well, this year my son is starting to read, but not quite at that level. He knows some sight sight words and can sound out CVC words. I really wanted to do something like this for him, but I wanted him to read all of the clues. So, I made a very basic set of clues and he LOVED it! We did it with his best buddy and they were squealing with delight as Shawn read the clues and they ran all around the house. The clues led them to the basement where there were eggs hidden all around. So.much.fun. Anyway, I decided to share those with you all, hoping that at least one of you will have a son or daughter who will enjoy it as much as Shawn did. I also updated my old cards a bit.

Here are the clues for 1st/2nd grade students:


Here are the clues I used with Shawn (for pre-k or kinder readers):

You can get them here


Happy Easter everyone! 


  1. Oh my goodness, you are too fun, Sarah!!! I was able to volunteer in my daughter's 4K class and they had an egg hunt...it was soooo much fun to be around them!!!
    Xoxoxoxo - Lisa

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