Build a Sentence Mega Pack

I am SO excited about this new pack. I've been using this all year long with my kinders and they love it so much, I decided to make it into an entire pack. I originally made this for my kinder centers. Then I started using it with my guided reading groups and I was hooked! I found myself making more each week. I've been slowly adding to it each week for my students. I plugged away at it so I could complete the set for the year and beyond.

Over 70 sight words are included plus about 180 picture/word cards (see pictures below)

I started using this more and more because my students were not quite ready to dive into books, but I still wanted to give them opportunities to learn words in context.

Time to introduce questions? No problem! I have another board for that.

Please note: The colors are intended to be a guide to help students build sentences. They are not meant to represent parts of speech.


  1. This looks great! Thanks!

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