Reading Passages for Beginning Readers

Yesterday I posted this new pack:

I am so excited to be done with this one! It has been such a labor of love. It's a modified version of this pack:

(Click on the picture to see more of this pack.)

Both packs have 400 pages of reading passages...

and comprehension pages...

To give you a little background, I created the first set of reading passages when I sat down to bundle every little story I had written for other various seasonal packs. 400 pages later, I had myself quite a collection! I had used those stories over the past couple years with my first grade students. I used them for homework, seat work, fluency and comprehension practice, and in my guided reading groups. Then this year I started working as a reading teacher with beginning readers and struggling readers. These kids wanted to do the same comprehension activities and wanted to read those stories, but did not have the skills to read at grade level. So I slowly started modifying every story. My goal was to bring every story to a level that my students could successfully read. 

More reading= improved fluency, greater confidence, and ability to apply comprehension strategies without being bogged down by every word. 

I didn't want to lower the comprehension standard for these kids, just the actual texts to help them be successful.

Don't get me wrong! I know these kids need to hear LOTS of quality literature. This pack doesn't contain quality literature, but my first goal is to get these kids reading and ENJOYING the process. This will never take the place of reading aloud quality children's literature. This is a tool to help get your kiddos to a place where they can be reading that quality literature on their own someday very soon. :)

This pack will be on MEGA sale for the next week. I did this for those of you who already bought the original pack. I wanted to give you a fair price (since the graphic organizers are the same). 

I also made a combo with both sets of reading passages:

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