Kindergarten Literacy Centers for March

Happy March! It's time to start moving away from snowmen and hearts and start thinking about rainbows and flowers. Spring will be here before you know it. Woo-hoo! My March literacy centers for kindergarten were recently added to my shops. Here's a peak at these centers:

Word Work:

Match a Word

Making Words

Real or Nonsense Sort:

Sentence Building:

Sentence Scrambler (4 sentences)

Super Sentence

(I use this sentence building activity with my kinder small groups a ton!)

 Match a sentence:

Word Sounds:

Sorting words with short e

Basketball Blends

Syllable Sort:


My son, Shawn is almost 5 and starting to learn his sight words. I printed out my March words sheet for him and showed him that he could make a sentence with this sheet and the words he's knows. So exciting! 

You gotta love that picture of a kite. LOL! Adorable!

He LOVES the Word Hunt from this pack. Each card has a sight word written on it. I "hid" these around our living room. When he found them, he had to read them to me. If he read them right, he kept them. If not, I re-hid it. We played at least 5 times in a row. 

In the classroom, your kids have this little worksheet to write their words on:

Also in Writing: Word Race and Sticker Story 


Rebuild a Poem, Read Visualize Draw, and Read Think Match

Literacy Menus:


Click on the pictures to see these in my shop OR click here to see last year's post about these centers.



I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. I bought the K/1 combo during the sale, and cannot wait to print them and get the kids started. Love it!