Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it! The kids get SO excited about Valentine's Day. I sort of love it too. :)

I added this short story to my Valentine's Day pack. I made three levels for this story. 
You can get this little story here for free today.


To get more Valentine's Day activities, head on over to A Classy Collaboration

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If you like these, you might want to check out my ready to go, common core-aligned Valentine's Day literacy pack.  
(If you already own this pack, make sure you download it again. I uploaded this again with two new stories and comparison activity.) 

Here is one of my favorite Valentine's Day activities:

There are four bags around the room. Each bag has a secret Valentine's Day gift in the bag. The outside of the bag has a clue. They use their inferencing skills to guess what is inside the bag. On their student sheet, write their inference and the clues that led them to that inference. You can also find this in my Valentine's Day pack.

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