Mr. Groundhog Poppin' Through Words

I have a late addition to my little Groundhog unit. Really, I just found another way to entertain myself while we practice sounding out words. :) 
Mr. Groundhog here keeps popping up  to look at the letters. When he pops up, he makes the sound of that letter. After popping up under each letter, he runs through the word again (to blend the sounds together and read the word).

 I laminated this background mat and put little magnetic dots on the back. I also put magnetic dots on the back of these letter cards. I left the vowel blank and just wrote a vowel using white board marker. That way, I could change it up easily. I used short vowels with my kinders and long vowel pairs with my first and second. 

I changed the letters to make real and nonsense words.

My kinders enjoyed changing the letter cards on their own, then popping up Mr. Groundhog to sound out the words.

It was a fun way to practice sounding out and blending words. 
I added this to my Groundhog pack. 


  1. Love this, Sarah!!! You are so amazing, girly!!!

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