Deck the Halls TPT Style

It's almost here! I love sale days. My husband breathes a big sigh when it's sale day because I end up buying way too much. There are way too many talented people on TPT! Can't help myself, I just love it. My friend Christina over at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge is having a fun linking party. 

We are all going to take some Christmas classics and add a TPT twist. 
Thanks to Beth at Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah for the glasses and MP3 player!

Here are the Christmas tunes at the top of my Playlist:
The Christmas pack is literally packed with ready-to-go printables for the season. My Polar Express pack has both ready-to-go and centers. 

This is one of my biggest packs of ready-to-go activities!

These are two of my favorite author studies! You will have plenty to do with these. Get your kids really thinking about these books with tons of great literacy activities. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

It really IS beginning to look like Christmas over here. We got our tree a couple days ago. If you watch Portlandia, you might appreciate this. We always get our tree from somewhere nearby and drag it home in our kid's wagon. It's only about 8 blocks, but we always get some smiles and honks and even someone taking our picture. It seems totally normal to me to drag a tree home in a wagon! It's fun to get smiles from strangers about it though. :) SOmeone said, "this is so Portland of you!" ha!
And yes, we got our tree from Whole Foods. :) 

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