Christmas Ready to go Printables- Update and freebie

I am in full holiday mode right now! House decorated, holiday themed activities in school and even Christmas music in the background. You know I love it! I updated my Christmas pack with a few things. I had to go and fix one page and I ended up adding a bunch of stuff that I wanted to do this year anyway. That way, maybe it would make up for my little error? 

One of my favorite things to teach is making inferences. I made these short little activities last year and my class really enjoyed them. They are quick, but also helpful because it really breaks up the process for them.  

I added another word ending activity because my students this year have a hard time with that. In the new activity (bottom left) they have to highlight the inflectional ending in the word. Then they tally each inflectional ending. AT the bottom, they write the base word. Hopefully this will help them get into the habit of "chunking" up those words with inflectional endings. 

Two more additions: COlor the nouns and a vowel page. They read the words then decide if it is long or short. Then color to show.

I added two more sentence writing pages. These are great for morning work!

I added two more reading passages. These are great for my beginning readers because they are are basic and have the sight word search added to it.

I added a few writing prompts and planning pages similar to those in my fall and spring packs.

I added one Read, Visualize Draw and 2 Read Think Match

I hope you enjoy this little bundle! If you already bought it, make sure you go back and download these new pages!

Last year I posted these freebies that come from my Christmas pack.  Click on the pictures to go to that post and get those freebies, along with some others!


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