First Grade Literacy Centers

These are not new, but I do have a lot of new followers since last January so I wanted to post about them again. I did update the menu since then to include the common core standards. If you already bought this and would like to have those common core standards right on the student menus, make sure you go back and download this again. :)

Here are some picture of these centers in action from the past 3 years. Sorry the quality of the photo isn't better! 

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Kindergarten Literacy Center for January

Happy (almost) New Year! I've given up on resolutions. Too much hype, too little follow through. In general, I have a list of things that I'd like to improve upon though! I know we all still have one more week to relax before heading back to our classrooms, but in case you are starting to think ahead a bit...
I have some centers for you! This is my favorite kinder pack so far. It's bigger than the others for a few reasons. (I'll get to that later.)

First of all, there are 4 menus to choose from. Yep, 4! If you've been following me for a while or using these menus, you know that I started with 1st grade menus. 1st grade (and 2nd grade) menus both have the same 4 columns: reading, word work, sentence building, and writing. Kinder has those same categories in April and May (and probably will be for March). But, those would've been too difficult for kinders at the beginning of the year, so I made these categories: letters, word work, writing, and word sounds (syllables, rhymes, etc). Since it's January, I thought for some classes, it might be time to start transitioning over to the new menu. At the same time, I didn't want to make it too challenging. Every class is unique. So I decided to make a menu with different categories so you could choose which was best for your class at this point in the year. That means that this pack has 18 centers total! You could use the extra centers as whole class activities, small group activities, or early finisher activities. 

Word Work: 

Word Sounds


Sentence Building:



Can you see why this is a new favorite? I hope so:) 


Twas the week before Christmas...

Even though this was the last week before Christmas, I was still able to squeeze in lots of learning! 

With my second grade groups, we read another readinga-z book called To the North Pole. We were working on the questioning strategy this week so I made this anchor chart (same as last year). First, I had them read the book on their own, and then we read it together. As they were reading, I would stop them and say, "Guess my question." They would guess what question I would have as a good reader. For example, in the story, the kids want to go to the North Pole. My question was, "How they will get there." I wrote all the questions on these star sticky notes as we read together. When we found the answers to my questions by reading further, they would take the sticky notes off. Hopefully, this will help them to see how asking questions can keep them "on target". :) 

We are always looking for fun ways to practice our sight words! My firsties loved this gingerbread hunt. I put sight words on these little gingerbread cut-outs. My sweet friend Emily made these for me. Thanks Emily!! 

I typed out some simple sentences with the sight word missing. They had to search around the room for the correct sight word to fit into each sentence. It was a great activity because they had to read the words over and over to find the correct match. 

adorable gingerbread by Whimsy Clips and border by Fancy Dog studios

Last week, we worked on our gingerbread poem using the pocket chart. This week, they got their own copy of the poem. You can find this in my gingerbread literacy pack. 

My kinders sorted pictures by vowel sound. This is part of my December kinder lit pack.

My second grade students continued to practice multi-syllable words. We matched first syllable to the second syllable. 

and also three syllable words. Both are part of my 2nd grade literacy pack.

This activity also comes from my kinder December pack. Students looked at the picture, found the matching word on the stockings, and colored that stocking.

One of my students was struggling with the /sh/ and /ch/ so I made this little chart. I highlighted the /sh/ to help him remember that they worked together to make one sound. It was also good vowel practice, because I had three different gingerbread men with different vowels. He had to figure out which worked. That means he had to read each word 3 times (trying all three vowels). 

We also read this sight word Christmas passage. There are two sight word passages in my Christmas literacy pack (and several more that are more challenging). 

Last, but not least, one of my groups is beginning to learn the silent e. We did this little Polar Express-themed activity:

I hope you all have a great week! Happy Holidays to you all!

Making Inferences

This was one of my very first little packs. It's my mini-est of mini-packs. I just updated it with new clip art, borders and fonts. 

There are:
~two poster options 
~ 2 Literacy centers:
Sam's Vacation and Inferring our Schedule (both have a reading passage with varying levels and literacy center cards and student sheet)
~2 Making inferences mini-passages with thinking charts
~4 Snowy Inferences mini-passages with thinking chart
~Read, Think, Match (animals)


Check my Facebook page for a little Christmas gift as part of our 9 Days of Christmas:

Hint, hint... it may be related to this inference pack!